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"Malcolm Funce’s business is bringing naive British actors to LA for his “Industry Networking Week” - even though he knows no-one and has no clue - in a city where anything is possible. This is Breaking Hollywood."

"Breaking Hollywood ... one actor at a time" (Comedy TV Series)

Failing entrepreneur but eternal optimist - Malcolm Funce, has found a way to capitalize on the constant arrival of young hopefuls, dreaming of movie stardom. With his Industry Networking Week - Breaking Hollywood, he introduces the intake to the movers and shakers in LA. Unfortunately, the only movers and shakers he knows are as talentless and clueless as he is.

Malcolm is desperate to sip from the chalice of the American dream however his ambitions far exceed his talent. He thinks he is a maverick, a philosopher, an inspiration when really he is a grifter, an endearing charlatan at best. Though well-intentioned, Malcolm’s incompetence and haphazard attempts and short cuts to become a respected success story mean he continually crag-hops from one self-created disaster to another, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Malcolm is constantly being pursued and with so many convoluted hustles, swindles and kickbacks in play, his shortcuts always short circuit. He is a ball of frantic energy, never knowing whether that next knock on the door will be the IRS, the FBI or TMZ. In short, He is a man – hounded, trying to act like he has it all under control and his preoccupation with his ambition means he patronizes those he sees as below him and oh too eagerly subjugates himself to those above him.

For release in Sep 2017.  For more info Like us on our Facebook page

Starring: David Harewood, Liam Alex Heffron, Andi Osho, Martin Ashley Jones, Dawn Sam Alden and Jenny Dixon.

and featuring music of 

"Hollywood Intro" by "Soulmachine"  See website

"The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World